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Wilburton Oklahoma Real Estate - Homes, Farms, Ranches, Land, Auctions

Wilburton Oklahoma Real Estate & Auctions

Serving Latimer County and Southeast Oklahoma

The experts of Oklahoma lifestyle property at United Country Real Estate – J-Mack Realty and Auction provide unmatched marketing tools and auction services to clients in Wilburton, Oklahoma, Latimer County and throughout Southeast Oklahoma.

Wilburton is a friendly county seat that supports strong local business, provides excellent education and features a wide range of services. Robbers Cave State Park, one of the largest state parks in Oklahoma, and Eastern Oklahoma State College are found in Wilburton as are beautiful landscapes and a wonderful quality of life.

United Country is America’s largest integrated real estate and auction company and has been uniquely specializing in lifestyle (non-urban) real estate since 1925. We offer a specialized marketing approach when selling your real estate or locating a property which has earned our company a top 1% Global Real Estate Franchise Ranking in the Franchise Business Review.

J-Mack Realty and Auction posts listings on websites found on the first page of Google searches and advertises them on hundreds of general and specialty sites. In addition, each listing will also have its own website discoverable by Google. United Country is the only real estate company to create searchable webpages for each of our client’s special property. Wilburton, OK real estate, homes in Wilburton, Oklahoma, Latimer County land, Southeast Oklahoma land and hunting land Southeast OK are only a few property types we market to a local, regional, national and worldwide audience through a network that exceeds 3,000 owned and top-ranked real estate and auction websites.

The United Country team in Wilburton Oklahoma is eager to help you accomplish your real estate goals. We list and sell Wilburton Oklahoma real estate, homes, farms, ranches and other rural real estate throughout Southeast Oklahoma. Our team of professionals will find the lifestyle property you are in search of. Interested in buying, selling or auction services, we have the expertise to make your dreams a reality. We are your leading Wilburton Oklahoma real estate agency!

Office Properties
Land for Sale
Ranch for sale Wilburton ,OK Southeast Oklahoma-

Acres Icon 300 Acres
  • 35106-61024
  • Wilburton, OK Ranch for Sale
  • Southeastern OK land
  • Oklahoma Land for sale.
  • Oklahoma hunting land for sale
  • SE Oklahoma Land for sale
  • Oklahoma land for sale
  • Hunting land for sale
  • Pasture land for sale.

TBD NW 1050th Ave, Wilburton, Oklahoma, 74578
Equine Property
Country Home for Sale- Wilburton, Oklahoma- Latimer Co. OK

4 Acres Icon 80.21 Acres
3.00 Square footage 2,400 SqFt
  • 35106-52124
  • Ranch for sale SE OK
  • latimer county home for sale
  • SE OKCountry Home for sale
  • Wilburton Country home/land
  • SE OK Home for sale
  • Country home SE Oklahoma
  • Latimer County Home for Sale
  • Call Joe Mack (918)465-7220

774 SW Cravens Road, Wilburton, Oklahoma, 74578
Country Homes
Ranch for Sale Southeast Oklahoma- McAlester -Oklahoma

4 Acres Icon 60 Acres
2.50 Square footage 2,698 SqFt
  • 35106-94223
  • Ranch for sale SE OK
  • Oklahoma Land for sale
  • Oklahoma ranch for sale
  • home for sale Pittsburg county
  • SE OK Home and land for sale
  • Country home SE Oklahoma
  • Pittsburg County Land for sale
  • Call Joe Mack (918)465-7220

2336 Roso Road, McAlester, Oklahoma, 74501
Southeast Oklahoma Ranch for Sale, Red Oak, OK

3 Acres Icon 100 Acres
2.00 Square footage 1,960 SqFt
  • 35106-82123
  • land for sale SE OK
  • Latimer County land for sale
  • Oklahoma ranch for sale
  • Hunting land SE Oklahoma
  • SE OK land for sale
  • Country home SE Oklahoma
  • Latimer County Home for Sale
  • Call Joe Mack (918)465-7220

7555 NE 1186th Ave, Red Oak, Oklahoma, 74578
Country Homes
Country home for sale- McAlester ,OK Southeast Oklahoma

3 Acres Icon 30.72 Acres
2.50 Square footage 2,985 SqFt
  • 35106-64024
  • Home and land for Sale
  • PittsburghCounty Home for sale
  • Oklahoma country property for
  • SE OK Home for sale
  • Southeast OK land for sale
  • Oklahoma land for sale
  • SEOK Country Home for sale
  • Home with Acreage SE Oklahoma

2031 High Hill, McAlester, Oklahoma, 74578
Recreational Property
Land for Sale- Near Robbers Cave Park- Wilburton, Oklahoma

Acres Icon 95.08 Acres
  • 35106-34244
  • Land for sale Wilburton,OK

TBD Hackney Hill, Wilburton, Oklahoma, 74578
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Our Location
Hours Of Operation: Mon-Fri 9am–5pm
Phone: (918) 465-7220
310 West Main Street, Suite F, Wilburton, OK, 74578
Broker: Joe Mcalester